Cape Town Luxury Rentals – The Smart Choice

When you choose to stay at a rental home for the holidays, you are the one in control of your overall satisfaction. Luxury homes are scattered throughout Cape Town and most areas have their wealthier suburbs where a predominantly cheaper [depending on your currency] option can be rented. Stretching from The green and lush hills of Constantia to the private beaches of Llandudno – Cape Town offers property for every considered choice. I know that everyone thinks of Cape Town and can only see themselves in a Beach villa; sipping cocktails from their secluded veranda. Yet relaxing by the pool in a garden suburb such as Timour hall; protected by a canopy of trees and soft morning light is just as calming.

Renting a holiday Villa, if done smartly, can see you spending the same amount of money as you would have at a 5 star hotel such as The Twelve Apostles and The Westin Grand. The average price of a Suite per day is R9000 and upwards over the high season. Special rooms, such as presidential Suites begin at R15, 000. When you consider that a 6 bedroom mansion in Clifton is only R12, 000 per night over the peak season [December to January], renting your own home begins to make sense. If this price is spread over a group of friends, the cost becomes even more feasible. My advice is to plan months in advance, as most travelers have the same idea that I am proposing here.

When you rent a home for your vacation, you inherit many facilities in common with a hotel; a cleaning service who will tidy your home daily, the latest, newest furniture to relax and unwind in, a private gym with Jacuzzi and heated swimming pool, secure parking and wireless internet. The process of reserving a Villa or mansion is no more difficult than walking into a hotel and demanding a room for the night. You choose your home online, the agent sends you the papers to sign and come December, you will be enjoying night after night of warm weather and Christmas parties, all from the comfort of your own home.